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In a world where bigger is better, we believe small is beautiful. Rather than let our physical constraints as a small farm limit us, we see them as an opportunity to expand in a different direction: to develop a network of small farms and food businesses who share our same commitment to land stewardship, ethically-raised animals, and healthy food. When we join forces we are all able to reach more people with our food while staying true to our values. We vouch for the integrity of our partners, and will only carry product from farms and businesses whose practices align with our own. Product from other farms/businesses will be noted in our store.




“Circle K Ranch is located in the beautiful Eastern Upper Peninsula of Michigan, 25 miles north of the Mackinac Bridge. My wife Sue and I purchased our first 6 heifers in 1988, planning to raise these majestic symbols of America and sell bison meat. Since then, our son and his family have joined the operation and the herd has grown to 200+ animals. We also raise Highland cattle on our ranch.

Our bison and cattle are 100% grass-fed, hormone and antibiotic free. They are processed at Ebels in Falmouth MI, a USDA processing facility.  We are proud to partner with Trillium Wood Farm to bring you this high-quality meat, responsibly raised and processed.” 

-Orv Kabat

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Our sister business—run by Allie's husband, Brad Fierro—produces versatile and healthy drink mixers to take your soda water and cocktails to the next level. Their spin on the colonial-era shrub, or drinking vinegar, features Michigan-made ingredients whenever possible, including raw apple cider vinegar, raw honey, berries, spices, and other fruits. 

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Bill and Kay Karcher have been in the poultry business for almost their entire lives and started their small, family-run hatchery to provide homesteaders and farmers with the highest quality poultry. The goal of their breeding program is simple: to breed a rugged “FARMLINE” that will produce eggs and meat in many conditions. 

They take great pride in adhering to the required testing programs through the National Poultry Improvement Program (NPIP) and the Ohio Poultry Association, which help to ensure healthy chicks from healthy breeder stock.

Each turkey and chicken on our farm, each product of those you buy from us, is only because of their hard work and attention to health and genetics!





With backgrounds in sustainable farming and raising high-quality meat, Kate and Christian Spinillo started Ham Sweet Farm in 2013 in Williamston, where they raise heritage hogs, meat chickens, and free-range laying hens on pasture. 

In their words: "We raise livestock in a way that lets them fulfill their natural behavioral needs— rooting, wallowing, sunbathing, skritching around in the dirt, foraging for bugs and other tasty treats, and grazing on diverse rotational pasture. All of our animals are supplemented with an organic, GMO-free grain ration, and we are proud to support a local, 4th generation family farm who grows and mills most of it— their work is the backbone of our success."

They now run a farm store where you can often find our chicken cuts, in addition to their own amazing meats and eggs!

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"In 2001 we took ownership of what had been a successful cropping operation and continued to farm the land that way for several years, raising a few head of beef for our own freezer. 

When people discovered that we raised beef on our family farm, the first question many of them asked was “Is it grass-fed…?” As we researched what that meant we became more and more convinced of the many benefits of pastured meats— to the animals, the consumer and the environment. We are grateful for the mentoring of friends and experts at Michigan State University as we’ve made the journey from crops to cattle.

In 2011 we made a full transition to a 100% grass-fed and grass-finished beef operation and since then it has been our mission and vision at JNelson Farms to provide a nutritious, responsibly raised, superior product to our customers. Our carefully selected black angus and red angus cattle are especially well-suited for life in lush pastures, enjoying supplemental hay in carefully managed paddocks on our 280+ acre farm headquartered in Hope, Michigan.  

We are certified with the Michigan Agriculture Environmental Assurance Program (MAEAP) as a livestock operation." 

-Jon Nelson

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