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General FAQ


Are your products certified organic?

Short answer: no. We are not certified organic, but aim to go above-and-beyond the organic requirements for our animals. If you have any specific questions about our practices, please feel free to ask. We strive to be transparent in all that we do.

Where do I find your products?

Under the "About" tab, click on "Where to Find Us" for the most up-to-date information. For ordering, click the "Shop" tab.

When will you have "X" back in stock?

Click the "Shop" tab to see our current inventory. Consider joining our email list to be kept in the loop on upcoming re-stocks.

If I want to order a share of an animal, what does that process look like?

Due to the increased demand we've experienced from COVID, we're halting animal shares (for now) to better supply more of our customers. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause and will update when and if this changes. In the meantime, we have several bundles available through our online shop!

Which processor do you use for your animals?

We use Munsell's Poultry Processing for all of our birds, and two different processors for our larger animals. Caledonia Meat Packing & DeVries Meats slaughter our larger animals, and then ship them to Byron Center Meats for further processing. If you have any specific questions about slaughter/processing practices please send us an email.

Do your animals receive growth hormones or antibiotics?

We will never use growth hormones with our animals or partner with farms who do. We also don't give them routine antibiotics, but will use them if we believe the animal's quality of life is suffering. In the rare event that this happens, we will make sure enough time has gone by before the animal is processed so there are no traces left in the meat.

Why aren't all of your animals completely grass-fed?

Our ruminants (cows & sheep) are 100% grass-fed unless otherwise noted (we've recently added an organic—but not totally grass-fed—beef option).

Pigs and poultry are not able to obtain all their nutrient and energy requirements on forage alone due to their less complex digestive systems. Pigs are omnivores, as are poultry, and will eat a variety of things they find on pasture. Both pigs and poultry receive an addition of organic or non-GMO grain to their diet.

Can I come see your farm? Can I bring my dog?

Since we are a working farm we operate by appointment only (unless you have an order pickup)! We ask that you leave dogs in your car or at home for their safety, and that of our animals.

What kind of packaging do you use for FedEx shipments?

We did tons of research prior to launching home shipping to make it sustainable and affordable. Our cardboard boxes are made in Michigan, and our insulated liners are made from non-GMO Michigan corn—making them compostable, burnable, or dissolvable in water. There is a thin recyclable plastic film around the insulation. To ensure the meat reaches you frozen solid, we pack with dry ice.




Online Shop Questions



How do I make an account? Do I need one to order?

You do need an account to place an order so our system can match you with an appropriate pickup location (you can change it) and so we have contact info for you. Please refer to the screenshots below for visual guidance.




How do I change my pickup location?

Please refer to the images below. If you're still not able to change your location send us an email and we'll do it for you!



How do I reset my password or change my billing info?

Please follow the steps below to access your account menu:




Can I change my order once I've submitted it?

Yep! If you log into your account on the shop you will be able to access your orders. Until we finalize the order by entering package weights and running your card you can change it. After we run your card it can no longer be changed.

What does "Estimated Total" mean on my order?

Most of our items are priced per pound rather than per package since they can vary quite a bit, and our online shop system gives you the best estimate it can for those items based on average package weights. However, your actual total may vary somewhat from your estimate once we enter the actual package weights.

Why hasn't my card been charged yet?

We don't process credit cards until we pack orders and update actual package weights on your order. Because of this, your final total may vary from your estimated total. You should see the transaction on your card statement a day or two after we pack your order.

When will my FedEx order arrive? Will it still be frozen?

We typically ship Thursday morning, with most packages arriving to their destinations on Friday–and occasionally Saturday. We use enough dry ice to allow for 3 days in-transit, so your meat should still be rock-solid when it arrives, even if the ice has disappeared (please contact us if it is not!). Once we've shipped your package you will get status updates by email.

Can I pick my on-farm order up a different day?

We may or may not be able to accommodate early order pickups depending on what we have going on (anything before 9 a.m. on the day of your scheduled pickup), but you're welcome to send us an email to ask anyway! You are always welcome to delay your order pickup to a different day if you can't make it during the pickup window.

I forgot my pickup info! How do I find it?

You can find this info in every newsletter we send out, or by logging in on the shop and clicking on the link toward the top that has your location name:




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